NASA’s James Webb telescope gets hit by a micrometeroid

The entire team responsible for this fiasco (the Webb telescope) should be fired from Government work. I give this boondoggle less than 5 years. Way to throw a ton of money away and further pollute our atmosphere for the interests of a very few. Such promise; inexcusably poor execution.

Lee Feinberg, Webb optical telescope element […]


Gonna build something!

Here are some links:

Cabinet Graphics:


This PC can’t run Windows 11 – Bypass/Fix

Ali posted a way to easily bypass Windows 11 install checks. Just like he said, I’m installing 11 as a Hyper-V machine on my Windows 10 box. My hardware is 11 compatible. I’m installing using Gen 2.

Whats up Microsoft? Thanks for giving me the reason to find this method.


Source: This PC […]

Fix BSOD 0x0000007B on virtualized Win7 (and Server 2008)

Ran into this problem when I P2V’d my main Win7 box.  It had a broken Intel (software) raid on it (Raid1 with the second drive missing). I don’t know if this is why it was bluescreening, as I had used the heck out of this box for many years and it had every driver […]

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