Cause We’ve Ended as Lovers

What have we lost!?!

It is not until you watch a collection of the greatest living guitarists pay tribute by attempting to play his music. Shining in their own light they are sublime, but remembering the original, they are but a pale echo. God speed, Mr. Beck.



KDE on Ubuntu – How do I prevent PolicyKit from asking for a password? 

You can use the same technique Ubuntu’s Live CD uses by tricking PolicyKit and suppressing ALL password prompts by substituting the action with a wildcard.

DISCLAIMER: The following will suppress ALL password prompts globally for everyone belonging to the admin group, with the exception of the login screen. It is EXTREMELY dangerous and should […]

Oh BMW – what are you doing to me?

First the godawful maw, then charging subscriptions for basic functions… but now you do this.

I am confusion. I don’t know… How could the same company make both these… I need a drink!

Regardless, I’m glad to see that somewhere, deep in Germany, you are still the same.

Source: bmw-touring-coupe-inline-C.jpg (1920×1080)


Is this really progress?

File this one in the “Thanks, but couldn’t you find something better to do?” section:



Detroit River Watch Webcam 

Wish I knew about this when the races were happening. Still, it’s a nice cam and they have a user controlled cam as well.


Source: Detroit River Watch Webcam | Detroit Historical Society

Apple is a Chinese company | Financial Times

Apple is now as much a Chinese company as it is American.

Starting to see some traction in my one man war against China. Calling APL a Chinese company is some hard hitting truth, but it is truth.

Tim Cook has sold out America. He is the enemy.

Source: Apple is a Chinese company | […]

PennDOT Driver and Vehicle Services – We give you the FULL SERVICE, you bastard!

Once again, it is that time of year. And with a fleet of vehicles, this time of year happens every other month or so. IT’S PENNDOT UP YOUR ASS TIME!

It seems every chance Pennsylviana gets to fsck it’s residents is happily taken by our dear government. Our motto should be “PA; GET THE FSCK […]

Aunt Susie’s LLC | Greencastle, PA 

Just putting this out there…

Source: Aunt Susie’s LLC | Greencastle, PA | Check Availability or Make a Reservation | ResNexus

Jet Engine Tachometer Turned Into Unique CPU Utilization Meter | Hackaday

I’ve got three boxes of flight instruments waiting for this treatment 🙂

Source: Jet Engine Tachometer Turned Into Unique CPU Utilization Meter | Hackaday