I’ve a fascination with these things. It’s not the bling, as I like the ugly ones. Well, not the new ugly ones! They really are ugly. No, the older ugly ones. The ones with a nice(ish) face but a fuggy body.

It’s not the oil they consume, or that which they expel. Or the kidney punch suspension – well, okay fine, the firm-beyond-reason suspension is a huge part of the ride in the sanely powered cars that I can afford.

A ride I adore.

The older but not that old cars still offer everything a BMW stood for, and for a capable owner they present a great deal. They really were the ultimate driving machine. All the vehicles that came after are less.

But you see, for me the big appeal is that they are hackable. 🙂

And they are Bavarian. I’m afraid the new ones are not anymore.
These cars expect your attention. They demand competence in ownership.

And I find they are a wonderful tell with people.

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