So I had a bunch of resources on the old site regarding The Battle for Middle Earth. Perhaps the greatest RPG ever… certainly the best LOTR RPG ever. 😉

Going over the old stuff, it was mostly dealing with Daemon Tools, .iso’s and such… the wayback machine has a good capture of that info […]

Projects | Robert Oostenveld’s blog

Last time I was here (in 2016), Robert was working with temperature sensors and such… He has really stepped up his game!

Source: Projects | Robert Oostenveld’s blog

Remote Desktop Connection Manager

Source: Remote Desktop Connection Manager – Windows Sysinternals | Microsoft Learn

Last link was to a dead page on MS’s site.  This time I’ll grab the page (and the file, let me know if you need it).

RDCMan manages multiple remote desktop connections. It is useful for managing server labs where you need regular […]

Hosting your own email server

I’ve been thinking about providing internal email to all of my erp system users.

Running this task on our Intranet site seems a no-brainer, however there are options:




SQL to identify the Informix users involved in sessions with lock contention

Source: SQL to identify the users involved in sessions with lock contention


This article provides sample SQL that can be used to diagnose users involved in lock contention issues.


TimeStretch Audio Player

Online Audio Tool

Source: TimeStretch Audio Player – 29a.ch

Swaks – Swiss Army Knife for SMTP

A great tool for the email administrator in all of us.

Source: Swaks – Swiss Army Knife for SMTP

petrockblock.com – New Fun Stuff for Technics Enthusiasts

This site was dug from Brainless’s ashes and it’s not only still up and running, but still has great stuff!

Source: petrockblock.com – New Fun Stuff for Technics Enthusiasts

101 Free Hyper-V Management Tools, Scripts and Resources

This is a great collection of tools for Hyper-V. It has been a while, but I think many of these are still working. This is a reprint of altaro’s site.

Free Hyper-V Management Tools

This is a collection of utilities intended to make Hyper-V management easier. The criteria to be included here are that […]

Finding the Master Browser

Larger workgroups can be a chore. For example, finding the Master Browser…

Here is a batch/script for finding the Master Browser on your workgroup.

TITLE Browse Master Finder Color 18 cls @ECHO OFF ECHO This script is property of Mike. This script is to discover Browse Master. ECHO. ECHO. for /f “delims=\= ” %%C […]

Chinese Harvard student decides ‘not to learn English anymore’

Seriously, why the fsck would anyone care?! Maybe you should learn the language of the land you are visiting, or not be pissed that you have trouble communicating.

Regardless, in this case, a possible solution may be for the person to go the fsck home where everyone speaks her language and she won’t feel isolated.


Russian oil chief Maganov dies in ‘fall from hospital window’ – BBC News

Fsck with the bear…

Why on earth would anyone side with that piece of afterbirth, Putin? This sonofabitch will fsck your wife and daughter (with another man’s Richard) in front of your eyes and then toss all of you out the window.

One of the most disingenuous motherfsckers in all the world. He trusts no […]

Indian troops join Russian military exercise

While nowhere near as offensive as China’s recent global behavior, I will not simply give a pass to India’s warming to Russian actions.

India has no loyalty. It is simply not something that one should expect from them. We gave India over $200,000,000 for Covid relief. In fact, we have given India over $65,000,000,000 since […]