Facebook insists on pushing Pedophilia on us

Clearly, Mark Zuckerberg is a pervert and a obvious child porn lover.

I’ve asked multiple times. Put in numerous feedbacks. Blocked or Hidden the Reels so many times, yet the more I do, the worse Facebook gets with exposing me to soft core/child pornography.

Please stop Facebook. Please stop.

Sick, dirty fscks.

Source: Facebook


They’re here. “fragments of alien technology” – CBS News


Source: Harvard professor Avi Loeb believes he’s found fragments of alien technology – CBS News

Is this really progress?

File this one in the “Thanks, but couldn’t you find something better to do?” section:



Apple is a Chinese company | Financial Times

Apple is now as much a Chinese company as it is American.

Starting to see some traction in my one man war against China. Calling APL a Chinese company is some hard hitting truth, but it is truth.

Tim Cook has sold out America. He is the enemy.

Source: Apple is a Chinese company | […]

PennDOT Driver and Vehicle Services – We give you the FULL SERVICE, you bastard!

Once again, it is that time of year. And with a fleet of vehicles, this time of year happens every other month or so. IT’S PENNDOT UP YOUR ASS TIME!

It seems every chance Pennsylviana gets to fsck it’s residents is happily taken by our dear government. Our motto should be “PA; GET THE FSCK […]

China to probe Micron over cybersecurity | Computerworld

Honestly, I’m stunned that IDG allowed this to be published, as pro-China as they are.

Please let China’s fears be true and for years America has been sabotaging their equipment and infrastructure in equal proportions as they have been to America. How wonderful to think that we may have some form of detente to keep […]

RE: Thoughts on Keith Emerson

Sent: Wednesday, March 16, 2016 11:01 AM To: Kevin Subject: Re: Thoughts on Keith Emerson Thanks for sharing that tribute Kevin. Of course you were first in my thoughts when I read the news. I have been sharing bits and pieces of what you wrote with co-workers all week and the praise for him […]


Progress. I do not understand you anymore.

WTF1 started several years ago with Matt, a true F1 fan. Not good enough. A white guy talking racing.

Stand with me and fsck these fscking fscks. Just turn and walk away. Let them drown in their own feces.

Don’t just unfollow:

But block the bastards […]

‘Extinction is on the table’: Jaron Lanier warns of tech’s existential threat to humanity | The Guardian

Source: ‘Extinction is on the table’: Jaron Lanier warns of tech’s existential threat to humanity | Technology | The Guardian

Jaron Lanier is spot on. Give this a read please. For all our sakes.

And so went Happy Valley

College Township’s Council just voted to fsck over Happy Valley in a permeant like way.

Forever remember these fine fscks who brought the casinos to Happy Valley.

Source: Council | College Township, PA

Casino opponents urged council in September to send a letter to the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board noting opposition in the community to […]

Russian oil chief Maganov dies in ‘fall from hospital window’ – BBC News

Fsck with the bear…

Why on earth would anyone side with that piece of afterbirth, Putin? This sonofabitch will fsck your wife and daughter (with another man’s Richard) in front of your eyes and then toss all of you out the window.

One of the most disingenuous motherfsckers in all the world. He trusts no […]

Indian troops join Russian military exercise

While nowhere near as offensive as China’s recent global behavior, I will not simply give a pass to India’s warming to Russian actions.

India has no loyalty. It is simply not something that one should expect from them. We gave India over $200,000,000 for Covid relief. In fact, we have given India over $65,000,000,000 since […]

NASA’s James Webb telescope gets hit by a micrometeroid

The entire team responsible for this fiasco (the Webb telescope) should be fired from Government work. I give this boondoggle less than 5 years.  Way to throw a ton of money away and further pollute our atmosphere for the interests of a very few. Such promise; inexcusably poor execution.

Lee Feinberg, Webb optical telescope element […]