Volvo P1800S

1966 Volvo P 1800S

I made a new friend! Okay fine, bought a new friend! 🙂

Lets see if this old dog (me) can learn new tricks.

This page will server to collect links regarding the 1966 Volvo 1800s pictured above.
Feel free to suggest others or point out dead links.

Informational Sites: (THE BEST source of p1800 info! Ron is the man!) (service manuals)


Life Savers for D-jetronic
SU Carburetor Rebuilding (HS-6) | Tom Bryant, Wiscasset, Maine

Vendors: (Girling Rebuilder) (in Sweden) (brakes)

Flushmount Glass?? –

Names from Numbers.

So in the long ago (like when you could smoke in restaurants ago) past I’ve said certain things about people who name their cars. Maybe they had 7 vehicles as well and needed a way to keep them sorted!

Only a few of my cars have found names, mostly the model number or name suffices in communicating to my spouse which one I’m talking about. But a couple have definitely had a name. I’m looking at you, Dieter, my 2006 330xi 6sp winter ‘beater’ (160k mi and climbing!).

So when I first found out the the P1800’s serial number was a five digit number, naturally a number to name converter seemed the logical next step. The “1” in the first position nixes using it as a letter, but a few results in the above list jumped out immediately. Now, after a couple dates, I’m ready to scratch “1tchy” off the list and go with “1uciy”. I mean she’s a timeless classic and a looker with red carpet and all!

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