401 and 403 Bypass Cheat Sheet for Penetration Testers

If you can’t beat them…

Manual Techniques for 401 and 403 Bypass Change HTTP Method: Experiment with different HTTP methods (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE) to bypass restrictions. Alter URL Encoding: Manipulate URL encoding using double URL encoding, Unicode encoding, or mixed encoding to bypass access control. Directory Traversal: Use “../” or “./” in the URL […]

Things to do with Linuxes

Since discovering Oracle Cloud’s free tier, I’ve been looking to do more things with it.

Here are a few ideas.



Gmvault: gmail backup

Have not used this yet, but it looks super promising as a way to backup Gmail accounts.

Source: Gmvault: gmail backup

Thunderbird and Gmail | Thunderbird Help

Been having trouble checking Gmail with Thunderbird?

Here’s why:

Source: Thunderbird and Gmail | Thunderbird Help