Lenny’s, Hackett’s and more

I’ve mentioned the Tytoona Cave here before, here are a few more local trips.

Hackett Auto Museum

Lennys Classic Car Collection | Altoona PA | Facebook




Oh BMW – what are you doing to me?

First the godawful maw, then charging subscriptions for basic functions… but now you do this.

I am confusion. I don’t know… How could the same company make both these… I need a drink!

Regardless, I’m glad to see that somewhere, deep in Germany, you are still the same.

Source: bmw-touring-coupe-inline-C.jpg (1920×1080)


How to rebuild your BMW DISA

Sreten gives a full how-to on the DISA in this one. Need to do this.

(to crrraaig – you downloaded this, so if it’s not available, you got it!)

Winter Driving

Never too early to start thinking about how to drive!

I had linked to this BestRide article back in Oct, 2016 on my old site. Now it seems that the link is dead as so often happens, and in this case the information is important enough to resurrect and host here.

This is […]