RE: Thoughts on Keith Emerson

Sent: Wednesday, March 16, 2016 11:01 AM
To: Kevin 
Subject: Re: Thoughts on Keith Emerson

Thanks for sharing that tribute Kevin.  Of course you were first in my
thoughts when I read the news.  I have been sharing bits and pieces of what
you wrote with co-workers all week and the praise for him is universal. 😄

I fear we are entering a time of great loss... As the baby-boomers age, and
that post-war fueled creative culture bomb looses more and more of it's
membership, it will become so very apparent as to the many contributions
they made. No doubt I am colored by bias, but it seems to me that the
generations since just don't burn with the intensity of those born in the
shadow of war.  The last guy who I asked "Do you play?" answered that he had
a full Reaktor rig at home that he had been taking lessons online to learn.

Not to say that EDM isn't creative or anything like that - I've been doing
that shit for decades and it is absolutely (or accidentally?) a creative
endeavor, but it's a far more solitary one.

But I do wonder what it will be like in 10-20 years... with the Stones doing
their "Century" Tour and all... at least nearly everyone involved in
politics will be dead by then!

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