Detroit River Watch Webcam 

Wish I knew about this when the races were happening.  Still, it’s a nice cam and they have a user controlled cam as well.


Source: Detroit River Watch Webcam | Detroit Historical Society

Apple is a Chinese company | Financial Times

Apple is now as much a Chinese company as it is American.

Starting to see some traction in my one man war against China. Calling APL a Chinese company is some hard hitting truth, but it is truth.

Tim Cook has sold out America.  He is the enemy.

Source: Apple is a Chinese company | Financial Times

PennDOT Driver and Vehicle Services – We give you the FULL SERVICE, you bastard!

Once again, it is that time of year.  And with a fleet of vehicles, this time of year happens every other month or so.  IT’S PENNDOT UP YOUR ASS TIME!

It seems every chance Pennsylviana gets to fsck it’s residents is happily taken by our dear government. Our motto should be “PA; GET THE FSCK OUT!

How about the latest modification to the PennDOT Vehicle registration, lets see if you can notice it:


Source: PennDOT Driver and Vehicle Services – Online Vehicle Services Login Page

Aunt Susie’s LLC | Greencastle, PA 

Just putting this out there…

Image 1 for Crown Jewel Vista

Source: Aunt Susie’s LLC | Greencastle, PA | Check Availability or Make a Reservation | ResNexus

Jet Engine Tachometer Turned Into Unique CPU Utilization Meter | Hackaday

I’ve got three boxes of flight instruments waiting for this treatment 🙂

Source: Jet Engine Tachometer Turned Into Unique CPU Utilization Meter | Hackaday

401 and 403 Bypass Cheat Sheet for Penetration Testers

If you can’t beat them…

Manual Techniques for 401 and 403 Bypass Change HTTP Method:
  • Experiment with different HTTP methods (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE) to bypass restrictions.
  • Alter URL Encoding: Manipulate URL encoding using double URL encoding, Unicode encoding, or mixed encoding to bypass access control.
  • Directory Traversal: Use “../” or “./” in the URL path to access restricted files and bypass directory restrictions.
  • Add Trailing Slash: Append a trailing slash (“/”) at the end of the URL path to bypass access control.
  • Case Manipulation: Modify the case of letters in the URL to bypass case-sensitive restrictions. HTTP
  • Headers Manipulation: Tweak headers like X-Forwarded-For, X-Originating-IP, or Referer to bypass IP or referrer restrictions.
  • URL Fragment: Attach a URL fragment (e.g., “#randomtext”) to bypass access control.

Automated Tools for 401 and 403 Bypass Bulk 403 Bypass:

  • A Python script to automate testing for common 403 bypass techniques. Access the tool at
  • byp4xx: A script that helps bypass 401 and 403 errors using various techniques. Find the tool at
  • bypass-403: A Python-based tool designed to bypass 403 Forbidden errors. Access the tool at
  • ForbiddenPass: A tool focused on bypassing 403 Forbidden responses by testing different methods. Download the tool at
  • Burp Suite Extensions: Enhance Burp Suite with extensions, such as Autorize, to help bypass 401 and 403 errors. Access the extension at

Additional Resources for 401 and 403 Bypass OWASP:

  •  The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) provides a wealth of information on web application security, including guidance on bypassing access controls. Visit for more information.
  • HackTricks: An excellent resource for penetration testing techniques, including bypassing 401 and 403 errors. Access the guide at

Remember to always obtain proper authorization before conducting any penetration tests. This cheat sheet is intended for educational purposes and to enhance the security of web applications.

Source: 401 and 403 Bypass Cheat Sheet for Penetration Testers

Steve Kinzler

Steve is pretty epic in internet. Checkout his site.

Source: Steve Kinzler

99 of the Best Free HTML Templates to Make Your Website Sparkle

Source: 99 of the Best Free HTML Templates to Make Your Website Sparkle

China to probe Micron over cybersecurity | Computerworld

Honestly, I’m stunned that IDG allowed this to be published, as pro-China as they are.

Please let China’s fears be true and for years America has been sabotaging their equipment and infrastructure in equal proportions as they have been to America. How wonderful to think that we may have some form of detente to keep the peace.  If they attack our networks, they attack their own.

But I hold no hope that our hapless government has the vision or desire to defend us in this new world.


Source: China to probe Micron over cybersecurity, in chip war’s latest battle | Computerworld

How to rebuild your BMW DISA

Sreten gives a full how-to on the DISA in this one.  Need to do this.

(to crrraaig – you downloaded this, so if it’s not available, you got it!)

RE: Thoughts on Keith Emerson

Sent: Wednesday, March 16, 2016 11:01 AM
To: Kevin 
Subject: Re: Thoughts on Keith Emerson

Thanks for sharing that tribute Kevin.  Of course you were first in my
thoughts when I read the news.  I have been sharing bits and pieces of what
you wrote with co-workers all week and the praise for him is universal. 😄

I fear we are entering a time of great loss... As the baby-boomers age, and
that post-war fueled creative culture bomb looses more and more of it's
membership, it will become so very apparent as to the many contributions
they made. No doubt I am colored by bias, but it seems to me that the
generations since just don't burn with the intensity of those born in the
shadow of war.  The last guy who I asked "Do you play?" answered that he had
a full Reaktor rig at home that he had been taking lessons online to learn.

Not to say that EDM isn't creative or anything like that - I've been doing
that shit for decades and it is absolutely (or accidentally?) a creative
endeavor, but it's a far more solitary one.

But I do wonder what it will be like in 10-20 years... with the Stones doing
their "Century" Tour and all... at least nearly everyone involved in
politics will be dead by then!

I can make noises

Maybe this is a new thing for me, who knows…
for now, I present this.

What instrument was this?!

How to execute a shellscript when I plug-in a USB-device

linux – How to execute a shellscript when I plug-in a USB-device – Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

Things to do with Linuxes

Since discovering Oracle Cloud’s free tier, I’ve been looking to do more things with it.

Here are a few ideas.

Raspberry Pi Temperature Sensor Tutorial

So back to this project – using Pi’s to monitor temperature.

Since Initialstate is no longer offering free dashboards, it’s time to redo all of this… how nice.  not.

Thingsboard looks to be a way forward. They offer a hosted solution as well as a full backend that you can host yourself.

And here is a primer on getting the Pi to take temperature readings:

Raspberry Pi DS18B20 Temperature Sensor Tutorial – Circuit Basics



Progress. I do not understand you anymore.

WTF1 started several years ago with Matt, a true F1 fan. Not good enough. A white guy talking racing.

Stand with me and fsck these fscking fscks. Just turn and walk away. Let them drown in their own feces.

Don’t just unfollow:

But block the bastards too:

Do this because they will see the analytics. It’s the only way.

Temperature upload over MQTT using Raspberry Pi and DHT22 sensor | ThingsBoard Community Edition

Source: Temperature upload over MQTT using Raspberry Pi and DHT22 sensor | ThingsBoard Community Edition

Thunderbird – crappy low cost booze and email client.

Seems I’m not alone in this fight.  Fsck these fscking open source punks and their ignorance.   Remember Win98 or XP? They had very nice settings for making shit bigger, and that was when 1024×768 reigned. Now with 4fsck’n monitors, fuck you old people and your old eyes!  Lets makes the tiniest fucking fonts you have ever seen.  Not small enough?  Buy a Surface – enjoy 4000×3000 pixel resolution on a goddamn 12″ display you fool.

How to increase font size in latest Thunderbird…?? from Thunderbird

Here is the magic setting to make things usable in tbird.  Search for Config Editor in setting and then search for layout.css.devPixelsPerPx and modify it. 1 = 100% 1.2=120% … you get the idea.

Eat shit punk kids.

Create an Ubuntu Cloud VPS PC on Oracle Cloud using xRDP

This works, I can confirm as of Dec 2022.  The signup process is a bit maddening, as is the way of Oracle, but the service is legit. Does require a CC# to get going, but the service is using the free tier. I have not been charged.

The future is cloud based computing for sure.  Some of us sticks in the mud will still roll our own, but even then you will likely need a cloud based computer.  Might as well get on board.

The Oracle platform offers a few operating systems including Ubuntu.  One would be hard pressed to find a linux distribution with more community support than Ubuntu (which is Debian based), and it is really easy to use for general computing needs while still being a full linux box with direct Internet access. Host your own sites, wp blog or application if you want, or just use it as a access anywhere desktop.  No charge.

Thanks, Larry (Ellison)!


‘Extinction is on the table’: Jaron Lanier warns of tech’s existential threat to humanity | The Guardian

Source: ‘Extinction is on the table’: Jaron Lanier warns of tech’s existential threat to humanity | Technology | The Guardian

Jaron Lanier is spot on.  Give this a read please. For all our sakes.