New Images From Euclid Mission Reveal Wide View of the Dark Universe

We simply can not be alone.

Download – Tonocracy

Guitar Pedal Sim now free

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MS-DOS Links


It seems I’m forever putting together a DOS rig… One of these days I’ll get around to finishing this project, till then… links! and

Heimdall Application Dashboard

A open application dashboard for linux.. allows for realtime updates directly from the apps being monitored.

Source: Heimdall Application Dashboard

Lenny’s, Hackett’s and more

I’ve mentioned the Tytoona Cave here before, here are a few more local trips.

Hackett Auto Museum

Lennys Classic Car Collection | Altoona PA | Facebook


how to get the HEVC codec for free : Windows11

Does anyone know how to get the HEVC codec for free byu/true_White_Knight inWindows11

How to configure Password Expiration in Windows 11/10

In my continuing series of Microsoft can eat a bag of Dicks, here is how to disable required password changes due to expiration.

For disabling password expiration, execute this in a elevated command prompt:

wmic UserAccount where Name=”username” set PasswordExpires=False


Super Star Trek Online

Every bit as fun as it use to be!

Source: Super Star Trek 1978 meets 25th Anniversary by emabolo

Changed Block Tracking (CBT) on virtual machines

In order to use Iperium Backup with Vmware’s esxi environment, you need to enable Change Block Tracking.

In vmware esxi, edit settings -> VM Options -> Advanced -> Configuration Paramaters, Edit Configuration and add: ctkEnabled = “TRUE” scsi0:0.ctkEnabled = “TRUE”

The option ctkEnabled = “TRUE” is a VMX option which controls the general CBT configuration […]

Sideloading Windows 8 Applications

I present for your enjoyment the hoops one must alight through to work with Windows 8 in 2024.


Sideloading Windows 8 Applications

How to install metro apps on windows 8.1 using wsappbak byu/randomusername12308 inwindows8


Open PowerShell. Get a Windows developer registration using this command:


If it doesn’t work […]

Windows Sandbox configuration

As part of cutting cableTV we have been using Windows Sandbox a lot. I never really looked into configuring Sandbox much as I had used Sandboxie in the past and it is super configurable. Sandboxie is starting to show it’s age, and Windows Sandbox is still here so…

Here is a MS Support page going […]

Controlling Microsoft via firewall rules

A post for my business brethren, or anyone with a firewall on their network (which, really, please consider!).

Microsoft is at war with my company. They forcibly introduce internet sites that have nothing to do with my business to my users, limiting the productivity of my employees and exposing my network to potentially compromised websites […]

ℹ️ How to downgrade from Thunderbird 115 to 102 (the previous version before “Supernova” redesign)

Ain’t news to anyone that the newly redesigned Thunderbird is a giant turd. No idea why the developers felt the need to screw with a fully functioning application, but they sure did fsck it up! If you fell for the old please upgrade trick and want to go back to a usable program, here is […]

How to disable every version of copilot?

I’m yanking this off Reddit for when they delete the thread (happening more frequently!!). How to get rid of copilot…

Did a bunch of digging today. It looks like you can also disable it via Intune, using a configuration profile. Thanks to for posting it.

*EDIT* 9-25 this config policy failed […]

How to Enable or Disable Storage Sense in Windows 10 & 11

Microsoft will now conveniently delete your files without your knowledge or consent! How typical of the bastards.

Storage Sense is installed by default with Windows 11, and added to Windows 10 with recent updates. It can be disabled by going to Control Panel -> Storage and setting it to disabled, or using the following Reg […]

Crap in Windows 10 (probably 11 too)

Another list of shit you can delete from Windows! Yea!

Source: Crap in Windows 10 (probably 11 too)

Great apps here

Some great windows privacy apps here at Belim’s site including BloatyNosy.

Source: All apps

Video on Youtube

Linux P2V With DD and VHDTool – EASY and CHEAP! Reprint from JohnKelbley May 13, 2010

So I’ve been busy the last two week getting ready for TechEd (WAHOO!) where I’m co-presenting two sessions this year. One of the sessions is all about Linux on Hyper-V.

To get ready, I’ve been working though lots […]

Facebook insists on pushing Pedophilia on us

Clearly, Mark Zuckerberg is a pervert and a obvious child porn lover.

I’ve asked multiple times. Put in numerous feedbacks. Blocked or Hidden the Reels so many times, yet the more I do, the worse Facebook gets with exposing me to soft core/child pornography.

Please stop Facebook. Please stop.

Sick, dirty fscks.

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