How to manually install Integration Tools on a Hyper-V Virtual Machine

TLDR; Before you make the image!

Moving Win7 boxes to VM’s during decommissioning is a practical way to keep access to old systems. You can fire them back up when needed and access old data and applications safely. Even if migrating from one OS to another, making a VM is a easy preventative.

Windows 7 & 8 did not come with Hyper-V Integration Tools included (Windows 10 got these in a update some time back), so we will install these tools before we virtualize the system (much easier this way!).

First, grab the corresponding .cab file from MS :
[Local copies here]

Move these files to the machine to be virtualized, and open a elevated power shell.

We need to set a variable to the path of the .cab file:


Then we can install the tools:

Add-WindowsPackage -Online -PackagePath $integrationServicesCabPath

On some Windows 7 versions, PowerShell does not have this option. In this case, we can use DISM.
Open a elevated command prompt and enter:

dism /Online /Add-Package /PackagePath:"path/to/" [replace with path]

Now make your image; I recommend using StarWindConverter and including recovery tools.

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