Solomon Islands Suspends Visits by US & UK Navies

As proof that this site’s tagline “If I only had a brain” is the real deal, I’ve decided to start opening my mouth on the Internet.  No doubt, history will show this to be a very unwise move.

I’m so fscking dismayed at the continued actions of China and the roll over and take it in the ass approach of the West.

FSCK FSCKING CHINA! AND THEIR MOTHER. (it is my understanding that invoking a Chinaman’s Mother is near sacrilegious. Good.)

We have given the Solomon Islands over $50,000,000 in Covid aid, and untold MILLIONS over the years in USAID.

We will continue to give the Solomon Islands our own hard earned money, even after they deny us access to their lands, because the bureaucracy can do nothing else without external pressures. Meanwhile China gets to act the hero while doing nothing to support the people of the Solomons.

All nations should take a close look at how China treats it’s “allies”. China has no allies!

Source: BBC News

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