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I was having a discussion with a co-worker about the future of office computing… How we are basically stuck with one OS due to the application stack that the modern office space requires and possible options for the future.

I was reminded of GlideOS, a  web-based “OS” that folded several years ago.  I used it for a number of years, in a limited fashion, and think that the concept is sound, and devices/clients like the Raspberry Pi, are seeding the field so to speak.

In a recent 5 minute Google, I stumbled upon CloudTop, it seems to offer many of the same features of GlideOS. However, there are several indicators that CloudTop is on the way out – several ‘apps’ are non-functional, resources are long ago defunct, etc… Still, I have been trying it out for a day or so and encourage you to give it a look, while it is still available.

I do believe that the future “Desktop” that we do our work on, will be a cloud based desktop that you will access from a variety of devices. The Responsive Desktop will be the standard, with full sized monitor, tablet and phone interfaces, all to the same content.

What do you think? I’m eager to hear what others are thinking about this.

Source: CloudTop – Cloud Web Desktop

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