Graham Wiggins  |  Dr Didg


RIP Graham Wiggins, whom I had a chance to see perform with his band “Dr Didg” in a basement bar (The Brewery) in State College, PA. [Shout out to Rocky for booking him!]

Clearly a unique character, multi talented, well respected and missed.  I just found out of his passing back in September of last year. 2016 took so many musicians from us I fear it will take some time to fully realize the toll.

Evidently, Graham was a pretty smart fella, making significant scientific contributions in the area of electronic imaging (MRI systems), while pursuing his passion of making music.

He got to play with the Dead, his all time favorite band.  I’m sure he carried that with him through the rest of his journey.

A few links:

Band: (check out his articles and there are several videos)

Personal youtube channel: gwdidg – YouTube

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