Year of the Concert? Better get it while you can.

With all of the losses in the musical world so far this year, I’m thinking that the theme for 2016 will be “Better get it while you can”.

I’m afraid this is the beginning of a new era, the loss of the boomers.

Visible first in the music industry, a world where the candle may burn the brightest, we are seeing the first of what will become the mass exodus of the greatest generation. Considering the lifestyle of so many rockers, it is a wonder we made it this far.

Soon though we will see this creeping death spread to other folds of life; prepare for staggering losses in numerous professions… but fear not intrepid wanderer, warm yourself with he knowledge that the vast bulk of congress is within a decade of their demise.

So chip up and get out to see some classic rockers that your aged brain is about to, or has already, forgotten. Hurry up!

Doobie’s, Journey and Dave Mason:
Source: Tickets | 97 Rock Weenie Roast ft. Journey & The Doobie Brothers with Dave Mason – Darien Center NY at Live Nation Concerts

Little Feat:


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