BEWARE! Rabbit Hole Ahead!!

Did you know that you can listen in to weather satellites, downloading near real-time imagery for around $100 ($180 if you don’t want to DIY).

Looks like this is a adjunct / complementary tech to Software Defined Radio (SDR) – the new HAM Radio. SDR can do much – EMS/Police Radio Scanning, ATC, ADSB/ACARS, AIS, Weather, TV/FM, even monitoring the ISS’s communications to NASA.  And even better, using SDR is illegal in some areas!

Sounds like a skill to have 😉

I’ve only spent a few minutes on this, but I believe the SDR rabbit hole (made available via the RTL2832U chip from Realtek, hence RTL-SDR) runs very deep.

Full earth visible light image captured from satellite using a personal computer.

RTL-SDR is a great resource for all things related to using the RTL2832U:

RTL-SDR’s GEOS (Weather Satellite) page:

See also:, specifically their forums.

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