How to code out BMW adaptive headlights?

My approach to owning a older BMW is to not use as much of the fluff as possible.  I’m in it for the driving experience (which at 16 years and 150k is still great!). Sunroofs, folding mirrors, fancy headlights that look around corners and sun shades that pop out of nowhere are all excellent candidates for features to never use on your older German vehicles. You want that stuff? Pay the $500 a month and lease.

With that in mind, to remove the adaptive headlights from the e9x’s computers you need to remove $524 from VO and default code NFRM (or FRM) and CAS..  I have not done this as I just leave my lights in the “ON” position and the adaptive mode only functions in “AUTO”.

I have also read that simply unplugging the adaptive modules will disable the system with generating any codes.

Source: How to code out adaptive headlight error?

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