How to adjust the Windows 10 Lock Screen timeout

Source: How to adjust the Windows 10 Lock Screen timeout had a nice guide to enable the option to extend the timeout on Windows lock screen. It is set to a ridiculous 60 seconds, which at least with my computer and it’s inherent lag (also thanks to Windows as this lag did not exist when first installed) results in about 10 seconds to start typing your password or the screen blanks again and the cycle starts over.  Follow this guide to enable the option in Power Options to extend that time.

And I really can’t let this go without talking a bit about the very forceful way that Microsoft is pushing half thought “For the Earth!” ideas like this one.  Sure, turn off the screen at every F’ing opportunity to save a couple watts (with little extended though on the subject like how this will work as the OS install ages – ultimately resulting in significant power waste as I continually flail about trying to wake up my computer numerous times a day!). At he same time waste so much energy pushing all your crap – your POS Cortana, the MS Store, pre packaged games, etc… It only furthers YOUR cause at the expense of the Earth (and all her residents). ENOUGH Microsoft!! Focus on the OS not your profits! (and this is coming from a MS share holder)

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