BEWARE! Rabbit Hole Ahead!!

Did you know that you can listen in to weather satellites, downloading near real-time imagery for around $100 ($180 if you don’t want to DIY).

Looks like this is a adjunct / complementary tech to Software Defined Radio (SDR) – the new HAM Radio. SDR can do much – EMS/Police Radio Scanning, ATC, ADSB/ACARS, AIS, […]

How to code out BMW adaptive headlights?

My approach to owning a older BMW is to not use as much of the fluff as possible. I’m in it for the driving experience (which at 16 years and 150k is still great!). Sunroofs, folding mirrors, fancy headlights that look around corners and sun shades that pop out of nowhere are all excellent candidates […]

BC hidden menus – e90

BMW loves hiding things… here is some good info on the computer built in to the Instrument Cluster.


Source: BC hidden menus – e90

Old car tachometer working correctly with SimHub

Turns out you can use a old instrument cluster with racing simulators.

Here is a start:

Source: Old car tachometer not working correctly with SimHub – Simhub Support – SimHub Forum